Host a Party While Out and About: Thirty-One Party To Go

PartyToGoCheck out my new Party-To-Go Kit!

Don’t have the time to host a party in your home? Take the party with you!

Host a Party To Go with me and take these items around with you wherever you go for a week… work, kids’ sporting events, family picnics, wherever.

You’ll have all the order forms and catalogs you need to spread all the adorable time- and sanity-saving solutions of Thirty-One and rack up Hostess Rewards (average $90 to spend on anything in the catalog, 50% off any two items you would like, and choice of two items available exclusively to you!)

$90 to spend… 50% off two items… two Hostess Exclusives…

I’ll pick up the kit and order forms from you at the end of the week. After the orders come in about 10 days later, I’ll help you deliver all the products.


Contact me at or 570-878-7238



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Make Money by Becoming a Product Party Consultant – 13 Companies to Consider


I am always looking for ways to be able to stay at home and be the laziest best mother and wife possible. As a work-at-home mom, I have been tasked with eliminating the day-care budget and coming up with about 30% of the family’s income.

Being a product party consultant has the potential to bring in at least that much. Additionally, several companies have incentive programs (like vacations and discounts on their products). Boy, do I look forward to my Pampered-Chef-sponsored sweaty, sticky, temper-tantrum-y trip to Disney World at some point in the not-so-easy-to-earn future.

Make connections to book even more opportunities to sell.

A lot of direct selling companies offer consultants the ability to sell their products with the “party plan.” Consultants ask friends or relatives to host a party for them. Eventually they can make connections at these parties to book even more opportunities to sell. In most cases, the consultant is paid a commission from the sales at the party and the host earns great rewards as well. Start up cost is usually the purchase of a kit of products from the company, which the consultant then uses as demonstration at the parties.

With such a long list of options in this line of work, it’s tempting to find a unique way of ordering my compilation – for fun. I considered first ordering this list by “level of awesomeness” and found that to be too subjective, yet entirely *ahem* awesome. Conversely, ordering it alphabetically would achieve the goal of objectivity, but lose every ounce of awesomeness, becoming the next-door neighbor to the phone book.  How fun is that? Those businesses with names that start with “A” are naturally going to get more traffic than the “Z’s.”

Calvin, a second-grade hero.

It reminds me of grade school when we often travelled from room to room single-file-alphabetically-by-last-name. Drippy Lucy Abbott would permanently have been deemed Line Leader if it weren’t for our equal-opportunity teacher who employed the [titillating] “reverse alphabetical order” style of hall traipsing. So, at times, Lucy shared the spotlight with Calvin Zablocki. When Calvin led the line, there was some sort of electricity in the air for us 7-year-olds. Perhaps it was the coup-style dethroning of Her Ladyship, The Drippy or perhaps it was the unnerving feeling of walking through the hallway backward and forward simultaneously.

Either way, Calvin was a second-grade hero. I’m sure you can now guess how I’ll order this list – this one is for you, Calvin Zablocki.

wineshopWine Shop at Home

Products: Napa Valley Wines, stemware, decanters, gift boxes that can include each of these and even chocolate.

Start Up Cost: $99 or $179

Incentives: 15 to 44 percent commission



Products: Dog biscuits. Just kidding. It’s Tupperware.

Start Up Cost: $80 or $120

Incentives: 25 percent commission


thirtyoneThirty One

Products: Cute totes, bags, thermal bags, boxes for organization.

Start Up Cost: $99

Incentives: 25 percent commission


tastefullyTastefully Simple

Products: Delicious recipe starters that only need one or two fresh ingredients added, such as desserts, bread, soups, dips and dressings.

Start Up Cost: $89 or $170

Incentives: 30 percent commission


stellaanddotStella & Dot

Products: Jewelry, handbags and accessories.

Start Up Cost: $199

Incentives: 25 to 30 percent commission


stampinupStampin’ Up

Products: Supplies for card making, scrapbooking and paper crafting.

Start Up Cost: $190

Incentives: 20 to 40 percent commission


shurepetsShure Pets

Products: Pet health and beauty aids, treats and toys, accessories, apparel items, beds and gifts.

Start Up Cost: $149

Incentives: 25 percent commission


pamperedchefPampered Chef

Products: Kitchen tools and equipment, shockingly easy and attractive recipes, and ingredients (like spice blends and sauces).

Start Up Cost: $80 or $159

Incentives: 20 to 31 percent commission


maddymooMaddy Moo Creations

Products: Design-your-own handbags, totes, diaper bags and accessories.

Start Up Cost: $179

Incentives: 25 percent commission


essentialbodywearEssential Bodywear

Products: Bras, panties and shapewear.

Start Up Cost: $300

Incentives: 25 percent commission


doveDove Chocolate Discoveries

Products: Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate, tea, chocolate, dessert sauces, milk chocolate, dark chocolate, white chocolate, chocolate dippers and chocolate.

Start Up Cost: $115

Incentives: Up to 40 percent commission


Clever-ContainerClever Container

Products: Organization supplies for virtually every room of the house as well as the car.

Start Up Cost: About $200

Incentives: 20 to 33 percent commission


AthenaAthena’s Home Novelties

Products: Products such as lotions, perfumes, and devices that are *ahem* sensual in nature.

Start Up Cost: $250 to $500

Incentives: 35 to 50 percent commission

Wicked Sippy Cups and Duct-Tape Diapers: Finding alternatives that make my life as a mom easier



The hard work we put in as moms has huge rewards – the hugs, the home-made Mothers Day cards, the gooey newborn grins – but there is even more reward in finding solutions that give us more time and, more importantly, sanity. Then, we can still earn the generous rewards of motherhood, but with a little less work.

As my children grew, I found my days broken down into how quickly I could: get the kids off to school, get through the grocery store, or get dinner on the table, and I realized that the only way I could ever hope to bring peace and joy back into my life would be to buy myself some time.

“I no longer spend countless minutes piecing together variant cup parts as some kind of a sordid puzzle punishment.”

Sippy Cups – Uniformity
The motivation: One maddening summer afternoon a year or so ago, I had three thirsty little cherubs hopping in circles in the kitchen waiting for me to fill juice cups for them. I dug through the “sippy cup drawer,” filled with at least five different kinds of cups, each with FOUR OR MORE pieces needed to make them work – that is if all the pieces were even there. Straw cups, sports bottles, cups with stoppers, cups without. They hopped; I dug. Later that day, I went online and ordered ten of the same cup and tossed out all the pieces from “the drawer.” It was a wicked version of “he loves me… he loves me not…” as I held the wastebasket on my hip and chucked each of those unruly mismatches in: “I don’t love you… and not you either…”

What I use: I chose a cup that offers a wide age range and doesn’t leak. The Gerber Graduates BPA Free Fun Grips Spill Proof Cup was the winner. Now I just need three pieces… any three pieces: a cup, a lid, and a stopper. These cups also hold up well to wash and use – I haven’t had to toss any of the ten cups I originally bought for disrepair and I no longer spend countless minutes piecing together variant cup parts as some kind of a sordid puzzle punishment.

“Maybe I could patent this…”

Diapers – By Delivery
The motivation: The night I had to use two newborn diapers fastened together with duct tape on my then six-month-old was a low point, but without that night, my son would not have earned the nickname “RoboBaby.” I can say that after constructing this diaper three times over through the night, I got quite good and was a little sad the next morning when my husband came back from the store with the right-sized diapers. My feeble declarations of “But, I think he likes it…” and “Maybe I could patent this…” weren’t very convincing. Alas, thus was the beginning of regular diaper deliveries to my house.

What I use: Amazon offers a “Subscribe and Save” program with extra discounts under the Amazon Mom subscription (free for the first year!) for all sorts of products, including diapers and baby wipes. It didn’t take long to figure out how often I would need deliveries and what size packs to order. Not only is this super convenient, but it also saves me a little time at the grocery store and I can always find diapers on Amazon that are much cheaper than in the store anyway. Now, we have RoboBaby’s size 6 diapers delivered monthly and my husband is happy to have his duct tape back.

The first Ditty! … There are [actually, for real!] people who unabashedly love you…

When I was 17, having my driver’s license for less than a year, I was on my way home from a friend’s house late one Sunday night. It was past my curfew, so I [in my infinite teenage wisdom] tried to make up for that by speeding on my way home. I believe the officer said I was going 65 in a 45. Being pulled over was one of the most terrifying experiences of my life up to that point. The amount of fear I had was unprecedented – enough to maim all living things in a three-foot radius if only for the negative, radically ugly energy I was exuding.

“I believe the office said I was going 65 in a 45″

Just as I was thinking that surely I would die either from my pounding heart or dehydration for all the tears coming from my face, the most wondrous thing happened… at first I was unsure because it was dark and the headlights of my father’s truck looked like any other of the Ford truck models at that time, but my glorious suspicions were confirmed when, in my side-view mirror, I saw the truck double back and pull in behind the officer. Later that night I wondered why the entrance of my father (a stern, strict man) onto the scene didn’t increase my fear to DEFCON 5 – the man whose curfew I broke, the man who had to go out looking for me, the man who would be justifiably angry up to his eyeballs.

“Upon seeing my father walk up, every ounce as formidable as the officer, my sole emotion was something akin to, but much deeper than, relief.”

In that moment the only information that contributed to my concept of my father were the memories of him picking me up from an early-learning biking fall, making sure I had my “Ricky the Raccoon” tucked safely in bed with me each night (you know, because Ricky could see in the dark), sitting next to me while teaching me how to repair a broken toy box hinge.

“I’m not sure I learned the true nature of love on that day, but without that day, I never would have learned.”

Upon seeing my father walk up, every ounce as formidable as the officer, my sole emotion was something akin to, but much deeper than, relief. A mixture of relief and the peaceful feeling you get when one day it occurs to you what love really is and that there are [actually, for real!] people who unabashedly love you. I’m not sure I learned the TRUE nature of love on that day, but without that day, I never would have learned. So, even now, I can’t help but participate in moments of recognition when I come into the presence of someone who comforts me, especially when I’m feeling ill of mind, soul, or body.